Your respect for the safety guidelines and transparency we have established are appreciated.

Should a face mask be worn?

  • Masks are mandatory (Bloch is the required mask)
  • Clear face shields: may be worn in addition to masks for all genres EXCEPT for acro.

Please remind your child we are being safe so that we can continue to bring them together for what they love to do!

How big are class sizes?
Class size is limited limited based on the classroom size and social distancing is practiced.

Drop-off/ Pick-up Procedure

  • Student should wait in car until given thumbs up by instructor
  • Parents of dancers age 3-6 are asked to remain nearby in vehicle just in case assistance is needed
  • Temperatures will be taken
  • Be prompt with pick up as students are not allowed to loiter

Is the lobby open?
No, the lobby is currently CLOSED. Only dancers may enter to use restroom with mask on.

What should I bring for outdoor classes?
It is OK to NOT wear tights, however for ballet a black skirt may be added or a skirt that matches your leotard color may be worn. NO SHORTS for Ballet!!!! Please see ballet skirt purchase options above.

**All items should be small/travel size and fit into one bag that dancer will carry from class area to class area.
**All items must be properly labeled as there is no lost and found, any/all items left behind will be thrown away.

  • Sunblock
  • Larger than normal Water Bottle
  • Bug Spray
  • Personal Spray Fan
  • Personal Clip On fan for Ballet Barre (Keep cool and shoo mosquitos)
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Personal sanitizer wipes
  • Tissues
  • Small Towel
  • Ziplock Baggie for personal trash
  • Dance Booties (This will make going to the bathroom and transitioning from class to class much easier. Shop at Carolina Dancewear)
  • Clear Poncho for unexpected drizzle
  • Lightweight Black Leggings
  • Lightweight Breathable Long sleeve tee shirt
  • Shoes:
    • Ballet: Ballet Slippers
    • Acro: Paws and Trampoline Socks
    • Tap: Tap Shoes
    • All other: Black Dance Sneakers (Carolina Dancewear carries both Bloch and Capezio)

Will you accept cash or checks?
Cash and checks are accepted, please be sure it is in a sealed envelope with dancer name and amount enclosed, please give to person checking temperatures.


What should I wear to class?
Please see our Dress Code page for a full list of attire and preferred vendors.


When is tuition due? What happens if I pay late? What forms of payment do you take? Etc.
For all tuition questions, please see the Tuition page. There is more information under the fee chart.