Special Programs For Dancers

Student Mentorship Program: (Programs are Currently Paused due to Covid-19)

Students participating in the program can:

  • Gain leadership experience

  • Reaffirm and strengthen their own dance technique

  • Learn more about how dance fundamentals are taught

  • Learn teaching techniques that encourage cooperation, focus, and discipline

  • Share their love of dance with others

Student Mentorship Requirements:

  • At least 8 years old. (We will consider a very mature 7-year-old)

  • Currently enrolled in Unlimited Dance Classes at Daliana Dance

  • Willing and able to commit to attending the specified weekly for the entire session

Responsibilities of classroom assistants:

  • Dress appropriately for the dance discipline

  • Arrive at least five minutes before class start time

  • Learn the students’ names, and greet them when they arrive.

  • If students are under age 5, ask them if they need to use the rest room before class starts

  • Help students with tying shoes, fixing hair, etc. If they need to leave the room to get a drink or use the rest room, remain with them and escort them back to class

Assisting during class

  • Always follow the teacher’s lead

  • Keep the focus of the class on the teacher by giving him or her your full attention

  •  Assistants should begin, execute, and finish each exercise with the students so that the teacher may concentrate on giving corrections when  needed.

  • Demonstrate dance technique and steps as accurately and clearly as possible

Encourage a positive classroom environment!

Assistants can play an important role in fostering a positive learning environment in the studio by:

  • Modeling attentive behavior, giving the teacher your full attention

  • Using positive language with the students. For example, say “Look at the teacher” instead  of “Don’t look at the floor.”

  • Leaving hands on and verbal corrections to the teacher.

  • Always handling the children quietly and gently

  • Comforting a child who misses mom, encouraging a shy child; gently bringing a distracted child into focused attention

  • Treating parents with courtesy and respect

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