Special Programs For Dancers

Student Mentorship Program:

Students participating in the program can:

  • Gain leadership experience

  • Reaffirm and strengthen their own dance technique

  • Learn more about how dance fundamentals are taught

  • Learn teaching techniques that encourage cooperation, focus, and discipline

  • Share their love of dance with others

Student Mentorship Requirements:

  • At least 8 years old. (We will consider a very mature 7-year-old)

  • Currently enrolled in Unlimited Dance Classes at Daliana Dance

  • Willing and able to commit to attending the specified weekly for the entire session

Responsibilities of classroom assistants:

  • Dress appropriately for the dance discipline

  • Arrive at least five minutes before class start time

  • Learn the students’ names, and greet them when they arrive.

  • If students are under age 5, ask them if they need to use the rest room before class starts

  • Help students with tying shoes, fixing hair, etc. If they need to leave the room to get a drink or use the rest room, remain with them and escort them back to class

Assisting during class

  • Always follow the teacher’s lead

  • Keep the focus of the class on the teacher by giving him or her your full attention

  •  Assistants should begin, execute, and finish each exercise with the students so that the teacher may concentrate on giving corrections when  needed.

  • Demonstrate dance technique and steps as accurately and clearly as possible

Encourage a positive classroom environment!

Assistants can play an important role in fostering a positive learning environment in the studio by:

  • Modeling attentive behavior, giving the teacher your full attention

  • Using positive language with the students. For example, say “Look at the teacher” instead  of “Don’t look at the floor.”

  • Leaving hands on and verbal corrections to the teacher.

  • Always handling the children quietly and gently

  • Comforting a child who misses mom, encouraging a shy child; gently bringing a distracted child into focused attention

  • Treating parents with courtesy and respect

Join DD Performance Company

What is DD Company?

DD Company provides performance, leadership, and outreach for students looking for additional dance and performance opportunities. Company is a training program that cultivates dance technique and leadership skills. It is our goal to not only teach our members the importance of knowledge and execution of dance technique, but hold them accountable in teamwork and leadership activities. This is for students who exemplify dedication and commitment to dance, performance, and outreach.


Do you have to audition to be a part of DD Company?

Yes, you must audition to be a part of DD Company. Auditions are currently held in August and September. Within company, you will audition for certain choreographer’s dance pieces, in a variety of genres that will be performed at local events, recitals and potentially competitions. Those who audition, but do not meet the DD Company’s current needs and requirements will be invited to participate in various “Step It Up” workshops throughout the season.  This will give these students the chance to grow their skill and performance ability.


How old do you need to be to join company?

Company is for Ages 7 and Up


What days are practices and how long are they?

This is subject to what pieces they make in company. Our goal is for this opportunity to be professional and fun, thus not demanding excessive time requirements from families.


Do DD Company members participate Spring Showcase  performances?

Yes, Company members are expected to participate in both our Spring Showcase. 


Does DD Company compete? Is it required?

We may participate in 1 competition. However, competition is not required for company members nor is it our focus. We are creating pieces to be used for many different artistic performances, and while this may include competitions, only the pieces that we want to be judged by our peers will be sent to competition. In the development of performance and confidence competitions are not always the best platform.



Company members will be expected to help fundraise. The more we fundraise, the more we can keep company costs down. Our parent committee is in charge of facilitating new or profitable fundraising ideas to alleviate company costs.  If you would like to be a part of the parent fund raising team please let us know!!



Parents are expected to ensure proper attire for their dancers.



  • DD Company Members: Must take a minimum of 2-3 hours of dance per week, with a minimum of one hour of ballet. 
  • Company members may audition outside of company for performance opportunities, however, they may not be a member of another dance company, with the exception of school based clubs or dance teams. However, if any opportunities conflict with the requirements of our Company, members may be restricted, suspended or dismissed.
  • Members must show up on time and properly dressed for their regular classes.
  • Members must participate in our Annual Holiday Parade and Spring and all Company related performances
  • Both students and parents must act as a support to the Daliana Dance family. If at any point behavior in the studio or outside conflicts with our standards of leadership and conduct, members may be restricted, suspended or dismissed. 
  • Members are expected to participate in Leadership and Outreach events throughout the semester. More details to come.

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