We are so happy to see smiling faces online!! This is a growth process and will do all we can to ensure that these dancers maintain and gain skills!!


  • Proper dance attire is still expected with virtual teaching.
  • Test your link as soon as you receive it. It’s best to figure out the kinks before class starts!
  • Test out your wifi connection in your planned working space so that you don’t drop from the connection.
  • Please don’t have your lighting “behind” you, we are still making individual corrections to “privatized class attendees,” so we want to see you as clearly as possible.
  • Have your planned space ready, take a few minutes to do a safety check to make sure cords, rugs, tables, lamps, etc. are away from your dance space.
  • Join class early so we can make the most of our time together. Each class will have a few minutes of saying hello in beginning and end.
  • If you do not receive an invitation for a class you or your child attends, after I have communicated that invite was sent, please let me know!