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Levels Offered

**Please note Ballet Classes are Cohort Classes**

A cohort is a group of dancers registered into a program together and who remain together throughout its duration of the semester. Failure to attend class on time and regularly can result in termination from class due to the nature of progression. 


Focus is on the beautiful elements of ballet movement, posture, weight transfer, large and small poses as well as allegro. Dancers begin turns and establish the base of ballet for future dance classes. 

Ballet I:

This class is great for the beginner but also builds off of our Primary Level. Learning Ballet is never dull and the dancers will be engaged in the learning environment in each class. Dancers learn self confidence, coordination, balance, french terminology and form.The +classes progress with linking steps together and repetitions. The class covers many basic steps with an increased pace. Pirouettes are introduced. Your child will be transformed with a passion for dance as each class produces more and more fun filled moments in learning.

Ages 7-9

Ballet II:

Dancers gain confidence as their ability grows. The music in these classes continues the educational process that focuses on leaps, jumps, turns, posture/alignment, balance, musicality and so much more. Dancers work more on demi-pointe. Pre Pointe is begun slowly in the last fifteen minutes of each class to prepare the students feet and legs for holding turnout and working through the shoe in Pointe work.

Ages 8-17

Ballet III:

The dancers are fully immersed in numerous steps, combinations, turns, jumps, leaps and the flow of movement. Dancers are turning on demi-pointe and are learning complex and expressive movements. Strength and stability is developed in grand and petit allegro, with beating movements being added. All classes have music and cultivate self confidence, balance, posture and discipline. 

Ages 9-17

Ballet IV:

These dancers are dedicated to ballet training with emphasis on posture, jumps, turns, leaps, épaulement, combinations and expressive dance. Intense pointe work is to be expected at this level as well as doubled quick movements such as rond de jambe, frappés, battus etc. Ages 11-17

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