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     Ages 2-6

              Age 4 and Under$60 Monthly Bronze

Age 5-6:  $90 Monthly Silver 2-3 weekly class hours

We charge an annual Registration Fee $50 per Family

Tutu Cuties (2-4)

We sing and sway, we gather and giggle, we Dream, we DANCE!  This class is specially designed for two and three year olds to introduce them to rhythms, songs, and creative movement and expression. This class includes elements of ballet, and exercises to prepare them for tumbling and pre dance classes! Class is very engaging and fun!


Curtain Call Cuties (4.5-6)

This age group is offered combo classes with an introduction to the fundamentals of classical ballet. Basic ballet vocabulary and technique are instilled. In addition, students learn focus, discipline, and class etiquette. It is perfect blend to create focused, smart, happy and confident dancers! Ballet, Baton, Tap and Twirling are all a part of this program!!

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